Constrained on a Cruise

Not as bad as it sounds, if at all it sounds bad. I am about to describe the ultimate in first world problems.

Last February, during a one week cruise through the Caribbean, we had a forced day at sea due to rough waters at one of our port destinations. Normally, not such a big deal – but on top of the already scheduled two days at sea, I was bemoaning the lost opportunity of exploring the wee bit of culture one is allowed to witness on these cruises. It was my second cruise. My favorite part of the first one was disembarking and roaming a seaside port, exploring for a day the local color and culture as much as one can.

So, compelled to stay at sea - floating on a luxury liner with every amenity.  The on board plans could include; another massage, more fabulous food & drink, lying by the pool with a good book, a brisk workout in the world class fitness facility. What to do? What to do……

Weekapaug Weekend

Had the pleasure of spending a weekend with dear friends at their vacation home in southern RI. So nice to get away! With summer nearing its midpoint – still 51 days left as of this posting ’til Fall, so stop whining! – thought I would post some of the images I shot.

Get out and enjoy!